Its time to plan your Maternity Session!

Maternity photo sessions are an excellent way to capture the beauty and excitement of pregnancy. These photographs will serve as a cherished memory of this special time in your life and can be shared with your child in the future. To make the most out of your maternity photo session, it's important to prepare ahead of time.

  • First, select the type of session you wish to have: outdoor, lifestyle home session or studio.
  • Schedule the photo session for when you are between 28-34 weeks pregnant, as this is when your bump will be most prominent. Ideally start planning your shoot when you are around 20 weeks so that you have plenty of time to schedule your session, determine your style and book your MUA and hair (if you choose to).
  • Outfits are an important aspect of a photo session as they can greatly affect the overall outcome of the photos. The right outfit can enhance your features, complement the environment, and make you feel confident and comfortable during the shoot. Choosing neutral colors for a photo shoot is a great way to ensure that the focus remains on the subject without any distractions. Neutral colors include black, white, gray, beige, and brown. These colors are timeless and can create a classic and elegant look. They are also versatile and can be easily paired with other colors or patterns. When selecting clothing or props for a photo shoot, it is important to keep in mind the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. Neutral colors can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, which is perfect for maternity photography. So, if you're planning a photo shoot, consider incorporating neutral colors to create a timeless and elegant look.
  • On the day of the photo session, take time to pamper yourself and relax. Get plenty of rest the night before and consider getting a professional makeup and hair stylist to help you look and feel your best.
  • Finally, remember to have fun! This photo session is about capturing your joy and excitement for your little one soon to arrive.

Enjoy the moment and cherish the memories forever. Get in touch with us for details and bookings.