Planning your outfits is a key to successful photo session!

Outfits and preparation can either make it or kill your photo session. This family definitely followed my outfit tips and guide and their photos are the life proofs. Here are few tips and hacks that I share with my families to prepare for their session:

  • Keep your colour palette simple and choose between white, cream and pastels for your next photoshoot. Opt out of patterns, dark colours of any kind or bright neon colours, or anything that has words or pictures on it. 
  • Your next takeaway on this - dress for the same occasion. Dressing for the same occasion will bring your photographs together, and make you look cohesive as a pair or group. For example, if you are wearing a baby blue or white casual summer maxi dress, your partner's outfit will look in-keeping with yours if they're wearing something equally casual such as jeans and a plain shirt or t-shirt. The same rule applies to your little one. 
  • And finally, colour coordination might sound a little OTT but choosing complimentary colours brings your photographs together, and importantly make sure that we see the people first and their clothes second. When putting together your family's colour scheme choose between one or two colours that run through it.